Can I submit more than one EOI – SkillSelect

First all of, are you allowed to submit more than one EOI at SkillSelect?

Yes, you can. Submitting multiple EOIs is legitimate.

Secondly, when should you submit multiple EOIs?

Two scenarios:

Scenario One: for 190 visa applicant only

If you are applying for 190 visa and are eligible for state nomination from more than one state/territory, You may want to submit one EOI for each potential state nomination. Because some state/territory nomination offices prefer those who indicate interest in their state/territory in particular than those who select “any” state/territory.

If they see you are open to any state nomination, they may see a lack of commitment to move to their state/territory and decide not to invite you. They may only pick the applicant who selects their state/territory only.

Scenario Two: 2 Nominated Occupations

If you have two successful skilled assessment results for two different occupations, e.g., Accountant (General) (ANZSCO 221111) and External Auditor (ANZSCO 221213), then you should create 2 EOIs for each nominated occupation. Both EOIs are effective.

How about one EOI with Multi visa types?

Suppose you prefer 189 visa but also, would like to be considered for 190 visa just to increase your chance of receiving the invitation. Do you need 2 EOIs for each visa type?

No, in this case, one EOI will be fine.

For example:

You have submitted an EOI for both 189 & 190 visa with 65 and 70 points respectively. You received an invitation from NSW, but you will prefer the 189 visa. Under this situation, your EOI is still effective to receive an invitation for 189 in the next round/s even though you have received an invitation for 190. You can ignore the NSW invitation.

Disclaimer:  The information provided on this blog is general in nature only and does not constitute personal migration advice. The information has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, immigration status or needs. Before acting on any information on this ebook, we strongly encourage you to seek advice from MARA Registered Migration Agent or Lawyers.